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This usage policy explains basic information, explains data, explains data details, and other data that includes data and other data. For you to access and use your website https://www.mkanak.net, we understand the importance of this data, and we are committed to respecting your privacy 3.0. We had to read below. Responding to data contracting services that deal with data that deal with data under certain conditions. A good sign in warning in English is a sign to indicate that your reference indicates that your marks are referring to an individual or legal person, as appropriate. What data may we collect from you? The following data may be spread: • The data provided when registering on the site and providing the services provided by the site. • The data you get when entering a contest or promotion through our site, polling, buying, or submitting reviews or comments. Data that may be collected when using our website. • Record your correspondence if you contact us. • Details of the transactions that you performed through our website and details of the services that were purchased in them. Details about your computer, for example, the Internet Protocol Internet Protocol for the operation of the browser, as well as data related to the use of the Internet Protocol (for example: using technology that stores data on your device, cookies, traffic code, signal, etc.). • Your e-mail address provided to us by third parties who have confirmed your consent to the sharing of your e-mail address. • The authorization of the originator to use the site. How will we use your data? The data may mean in the following cases: • To provide you with information or information that you request, to send an email, send an email to send an email, or send an email to send an email. • To provide you with appropriate services for associations where information and other content intended for you are available. Your religion is between you and others. Your access to the largest possible amount of our services. • Our services are provided to obtain locations near you. To notify you of changes our website supports. For any other reason we deem it necessary for your browsing experience. • To run incentive programs and meet your requests for these incentives. To reveal data? , Your data body, his body. Instructions included in the privacy policy: • Parties. Our service week, our services are affiliated with a subsidiary company or our service providers (for example: collection companies). These other companies can be in the execution of transactions, by storing data in a digital wallet so that your use of our services is more effective. Get the numbers convenient and get the job done. Data companies in other data. Back to model template: updated delivery and return data), concept and idea. To continue your use of the service, you must agree to the transfer, storage, use and disclosure of data belonging to subsidiaries and non-affiliated service providers wherever they are. These companies are obligated to respect data privacy. Marketing and presentations. It may be a carrier of the data provided here and the service data that may be attached to the service data. We communicate with you through various channels, including but not limited to emails, mail notifications, posts, phone cards and transmission of news articles. Business Transfers: In the case of our acquisition or assets, the transferred customer data will be the new owner. • Protection of information and other sites: We disclose the customer’s account and other personal data, as laws are enforced and to protect the rights or safety of the user or others. This data is with medium companies , And that these sites have privacy policies, and we will not be responsible for the claim or claim. Please review the policies of those sites before submitting data or personal information to them. How do we store your data? Data collected