In the latest update to the Telegram platform, the latter announced a number of new updates to the platform. The most prominent feature was the Topics feature, or topics that were added to conversations and chats, so that topics can be divided into several sections. However, one of the newly added new features is the feature of selling usernames as a kind of collectibles or digital collectible items. The buying and selling process was made possible via a private Fragments platform. This article helps you get to know this platform closely and how to use it.


First of all... What is the meaning of Collectibles and what is the purpose of selling usernames?

Collectibles, or collectible items, are digital assets registered in a blockchain network in the name of their owner. Collectibles can take various forms such as: photos, videos, texts, accounts, music... and are known to common users as NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

Telegram wants to turn usernames into a type of active collectible on the TON blockchain (the network powered by Telegram, whose founder is the same as that of Telegram).

Any Collectible is registered in your name and always belongs to you, and cannot be taken or used by anyone. And you, in turn, can benefit from it according to the platform, and in this case (Telegram) the only benefit is to resell it to other people.

Usernames are the process of acquiring custom names, such as @Apple, @Google, @Microsoft, etc., in order to lure official companies to formally acquire these names in exchange for payment for you. Of course, you can't do this on Telegram because Brands are already reserved.


The Fragment platform now allows you to buy and sell Usernames on Telegram

The Fragment platform now allows users to buy and sell usernames on Telegram via the TON Blockchain. And the prices after the Euzernem amounted to 480 thousand dollars.

Explanation of the new Fragments platform from Telegram to sell account names (Username)

Through the platform, you can connect to your personal account on Instagram, as well as contact the address of your own wallet on the TON network so that you can make purchases and sales on the platform.

There are two types of selling in the platform: selling through a bet (bid) and direct selling at a set price.

Selling through Bid is done by setting an initial price for the Username (eg a @earn user with an initial price of $1000) A user comes looking for this name and places a bet at $1100, then another comes and places another bet at $1200 and it goes on until The expiry of the time period for displaying the Username as indicated in its name (5 days and 6 hours, for example).

As for direct selling, a specific username is specified at a direct price, buy it or leave it to others to buy it.

In the filters, you can specify between 3 items, namely: an item available for auction that shows you the list that you can bid on, then an item for sale that shows the items available for direct purchase, and finally that has been sold ).

The purchase is made via TON coin, after connecting your wallet in the Fragment platform and making the purchase or sale. You create your own wallet through TonKeeper and then buy Toincoin through it.


Can I sell specific Usernames on the platform?

Wow, sell your Username for $500,000, maybe I'll put my own name to sell it, it's going to be profitable.

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, you can only sell Collectibles you own or have previously purchased. I mean, you can sell only what you bought. If you bought @earn at a price of $1,000, you can offer it for sale on the platform for a price of $2,000, for example.

It's the same principle as the rest of the Collectibles in this world, the only profit from them being searching for someone who pays a price higher than the price you paid.

To start making profit with Fragme

Friday, November 11, 2022

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