Start today and develop tomorrow

It often happens that we are exposed to situations in which we have to make a decision quickly, and sometimes these decisions need thinking because the decision is right, but you think who is more important, do I take my decision at the right time or not take my time to think because my decision is appropriate, we are here to tell you and through what we have learned in The job market is that the opportunity is not easy because it is repeated, and whatever your knowledge that you will use in thinking will not be enough, and therefore your age will reach the right decision. That is why you must seize the opportunity quickly, even if your decision is not appropriate, I mean, the right time for the decision is better than the right decision at the wrong time and peace if I was able to take the right decision at the right time and there are forms of the same issue:


   - A project that starts today with 70% efficiency is better than starting tomorrow with 100% efficiency.


   - If the job is finished with a quality of 60% on a date, it is better than it is completed with a quality of 100% after its due date.


That is why if you have an idea for a project, you must start it today, because today it is better than tomorrow, and the idea that does not exist today will remain with people other than you tomorrow, even if there is a competition or two today, there will be 10 and 20 competitors. Collect your idea and launch your project into reality. And believe me, your age will not lose from Experience, even if you lose money, you will gain knowledge, experience and relationships.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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